The Convertible HDL - Coming Soon. Pre-order today

The Convertible HDL is a combination of components designed to provide the runner with a safer and more memorable running experience. The sweat wicking headband supports a retractable skull cap to offer a single piece of gear for multiple environments.

The heaband supports a reflective piping around the entire ban to offer visibility from all directions. It includes an adjustable strap so 1 size truly does fit all and a hidden pocket in the rear to store the skull cap. 

The skull cap is designed using the same high tech fabirc as the headband. They are a perfect compliment to each other.

The smart headlamp supports over 400 lumens and can be adjusted through the smartphone app. Set up your headlamp to ensure you have plenty of battery to light your path throughout your run. Voice recognition enables easy operation and makes it truly an ideal solution for runners - hands free.

The action camera and headlamp are designed into a single module to minimize weight and size. The action camera has an integrated GPS, altimeter and accelerometer to ensure you can share all your vital running stats. 1080P offers vivid color and clarity. Voice recognition makes it truly hands free and the ideal camera for runners. The app we developed for the headlamp is also used for your camera settings. Set your desired run time  and the app will recommend the proper settings to ensure you don't run out of battery during the run.

This is the first all-in-one piece of gear combining a headlamp, camera, headband and skull cap. The skull cap snaps in so it can be easily removed in warmer weather when you are certain it will not be needed. You look at these components individually you can easily spend in excess of $500.

Type: Convertible

Vendor: PRracer

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