Marathon Training Programs - Women

PRracer has created a range of marathon training programs to help athletes reach their performance level goals. The marathon is arguably the grand daddy of road races.  There is no sugar coating this one.  It is a race that will challenge your will and determination.  The other distances will test you, but the marathon can break you.  By folllowing our training program, you will be properly prepared to face the demanding physical and mental aspects of a marathon.  Each marathon training program is 18 weeks. 

Even though every runner is different, we have made the following assumptions:  

To aid in your success, we have several suggestions:

Marathon training programs are broken down into performance levels.  Whether you are just starting, running a few miles per week, or logging in excess of 100 miles per week, click the performance level you wish to pursue. 

The times we associate with each running program makes a number of assumptions: you are following the program, you are meeting or exceeding all the program pace goals, you do not go out to fast at the start of your race and the course has minimal hills or elevation changes.