The Testosterone Challenge

Today was a track day

I hate track work. Okay, I said it so it’s out of the way and I don’t need to say it again. I only do track work once a week. It’s plenty for me. I normally have a restless night sleep prior to track work. I push myself hard and I know I am going to be tired when it’s all done. Today was no different. I changed up my plan and did the following:

  • 5 mile jog to the track
  • 3200M with a one lap cool down
  • 2400M with a one lap cool down
  • 1600M with a half lap cool down
  • 800M and done!

I finish with a 2.5 mile jog home, but today was a bit special. As I leave the high school there is an athletic club right across the street and I just happened to inadvertently coincide my run with another runner just starting out from the club. He was going at a decent pace so I thought I would stay on his tail. After about a quarter mile I needed to make a turn and he, coincidentally, was making the turn as well. After the turn I thought I would pick up the pace a bit so I passed him up. He ended up crossing the street so we were running side by side but on different sides of the street. He started picking up the pace and I was not going to let him beat me so I did the same. We stayed together for another half mile or so continuing to pick up the pace. I estimate we ended up running at about a 6:30 pace. He finally turned a corner and I proceeded to go straight. Always nice to have a little informal competition after track work. I don’t know how hard he was pushing but I wasn’t going to go too much faster. I only had a few miles so I knew I could hold the pace as long as necessary.

I hope I see him again sometime so we can continue our testosterone challenge. We may not have said a single word to each other but we know exactly what each other was thinking – you’re not beating me. Next time, I just may turn the corner with him.

Mike Haedrich
Mike Haedrich


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