Why we Created the Run. T

PRracer is about helping runners reach their next PR. So, why did we create the RUN. T? The RUN.T is a line of apparel unique to PRracer. It is a way to promote the activity you love. How many times have you had a unique experience on a run or in race you wanted to share with others? If you win a race you’re not going to put on a shirt saying I won the Grandma’s 5K. But, you are darn proud of the accomplishment. The RUN.T is a great way to share your running memories and great experiences.

I am fortunate to have traveled to many countries and I make it a point to run at every place I visit. I have run in Munich stadium, around the Arc de Triomphe, the hills of Hawaii, around the emperor’s palace in Japan, the Great Wall of China, the cobblestones in Montreal, the humidity in Taiwan and around our nation’s capital. These are just some of the great memories I have of running and I only share those memories with my family and my very closest friends. With a RUN. T I can share those memories in a way that tells others where I have been in a very subtle way. If they ask about the shirt, and many do, I am happy to tell my story.
Mike Haedrich
Mike Haedrich


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