The big “What If…” about running

Do you ever ask yourself "what if" questions about your running? What if I was 10 years younger, I wonder how much faster I would be? What if I trained a little harder or weighed a little less how much faster would I be? How do you compare men versus women’s times? There are so many "what if" questions to think about. We love playing with all the different scenarios. Knowing how you run in a 10K can provide predictions for other distances. Nothing is 100% perfect, but it’s fun to play with the tools and get a good idea of what’s possible.

PRracer loved scouring the internet for different running tables. We found many we liked and settled on a few to build into our workbook. We don’t cover everything, but we hit on a few really cool calculators. We made it real simple to use by having data entry up front and then you can look at the different calculators for your results.

We enjoy putting in goal time and learning what's needed to do to get there. PRracer has built many training programs using the tools of some of the great coaches who created the tables we have provided.

We provide calculators for projected race time based upon pace and handicapped times based upon weight, temperature and age. We offer an age graded calculator and a VDOT calculator. Another one we have is the Age Graded Performance Level calculator. This one is really cool because it puts you into one of four categories based upon your time and age versus the best times in the world. You must play with this one!

What the coaches leave out is performance recognition. PRracer has created Performance Colors to recognize all runners for their accomplishment. Based upon your finish time, you will fall into a color category. Colors range from White to Gold Black with Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Brown, Black and Silver Black in between.

With the calculator and the PRracer training programs, you should have all you need to get to your goal and get into the color you strive for. As we like to say, Color Up!

Play with the calculators and enjoy. The creators of the calculators are considered experts: Jack Daniel’s, Greg McMillian and Joe Friel.

Feel free to download the spreadsheet we created. You can use it right from here, on the blog, but the best experience will be to download it.

Mike Haedrich
Mike Haedrich


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