I Hate Running!

Okay, I don't hate running but I sure don't love it. How many of you really get up each day looking forward to the next run? I don’t. Running is an activity I do almost every day of my life because of the joy it brings when I finish and the fulfillment it brings to my competitive side. Off of the top of my head, I can’t tell you of any day I have woken up looking forward to my next run.

When I run I am training. Maybe if I took a step back and planned more fun runs I would look forward to those daily runs. Instead, I am always thinking about my next race and how can I get just a little bit faster.

I just turned 55 and getting faster becomes more challenging each day. What’s great about running and competing is age groups.

Turning 55 doesn’t have too many advantages other than being eligible for some senior discounts, able to move into a retirement community and receiving my monthly mail to join AARP. The one true advantage is I am now in a new age group and I am kicking butt once again!!

Running races is structured to keep you motivated. If there is a sport that got it right it is running. Age groups allow all of us to compete against similar aged runners and be recognized for our accomplishment. There are many other reasons to run but my greatest motivation is to stay competitive and be proud of my accomplishments at the ripe young age of 55.

Mike Haedrich
Mike Haedrich


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