So, You Have Ridden in a Convertible, How About Wearing One!

Those of you who have been fortunate enough to ride in a convertible on a hot summer day know how nice that cool breeze feels brushing across your face. Well, as a runner we just can't run fast enough to get that cool breeze, but we do want the flexibility to have the top up or down depending on the weather conditions. Until recently, I was just like many other runners who wear headbands and skull caps on a regular basis. However, I got tired of trying to figure out which piece of gear to put on for a run. Give that, and the fact that I am always trying to improve the status quo, I decided to do something about it. I wanted flexibility. I sat down at the sewing machine with a pattern for a hat and some fabric and created a solution: an all-in-one piece of gear called the Convertible. The Convertible is a headband with a retractable skull cap. Now I have both pieces of gear with me at all times in a single unit; top down when it's warm, top up in cooler or rainy weather. Perfect! Now, let's supercharge the Convertible! 

Being a techy guy, I couldn’t stop at the Convertible. I had to add some technology to my new invention. Since I tend to run in the early morning and most days require some sort of illumination, I had found my answer.  I looked at headlamps and realized, other than the LED’s, the technology hadn’t really advanced into the 21st century. Headlamps need to be lightweight, sleek, and ergonomic to appeal to the running crowd. If they could be customizable for optimal illumination, while providing a safe and enjoyable run, all the better. I designed a very powerful headlamp with over 400 lumens that can be customized by the runner to their environment. Using the mobile app, you can also customize the illumination to ensure you don’t run out of battery (and light) while on your run. I used rechargeable lithium ion batteries that will provide up to twelve hours of illumination on a full charge.

After solving the headlamp dilemma, I decided runners needed a better way to share their running experiences. Instead of just telling family, friends, and their running group about an awesome run, they  needed a way to share their runs visually like never before. So, I designed an action camera with the headlamp into a single module. This is no ordinary action camera; it includes a GPS, altimeter and accelerometer so the stats runners love (run time, pace, distance, elevation change) can be displayed right on the video! With the headlamp, runners can even capture fantastic footage in low-light situations. The mobile app allows easy editing of pictures and video as well as quick adjustment of the settings for both the headlamp and camera. 
When I added the headlamp and camera to the Convertible, I added HDL to the name. HD for High Definition camera and L for Lamp. To ensure runners don’t have to fumble with buttons, we enabled voice recognition. “Camera. On”, “Camera. Picture”, “Camera. Video” and “Light. Hi”, “Light. Medium”, and “Light. Low” are just a few of the voice commands runners can use without having to break their stride.  
The Convertible HDL is a single piece of running gear designed to replace all those headbands, skull caps, and headlamps sitting in your drawer. Our action camera is the first designed specifically for runners. This all-inclusive piece of gear will launch on Kickstarter April 4th. We will offer substantial discounts for early backers, so take a look and be one of the first to order the Convertible HDL. Follow us at for regular updates. We plan to have it in your hands for your fall 2016 training calendar.
Watch a fun 74 second animated video to provide an overview of the Convertible HDL.

Mike Haedrich
Mike Haedrich


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