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So, You Have Ridden in a Convertible, How About Wearing One!

March 13, 2016

Those of you who have been fortunate enough to ride in a convertible on a hot summer day know how nice that cool breeze feels brushing across your face. Well, as a runner we just can't run fast enough to get that cool breeze, but we do want the flexibility to have the top up or down depending on the weather conditions. Until recently, I was just like many other runners who wear headbands and skull caps on a regular basis. However, I got tired of trying to figure out which piece of gear to put on for a run. Give that, and the fact that I am always trying to improve the status quo, I decided to do something...

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Why do I keep running on non-certified courses?

October 24, 2015

I said over a year ago I was not going to sign up for any more races on non certified courses. I am tired of training my butt off and at the end of the race realizing the course was longer than the advertised distance. There is always the chance the course could be shorter than advertised, but I feel kind of slimy when I tell someone I ran a 10K and it was a tenth of a mile short. I am a real idiot! I did it, I ran another race on a non-certified course. A year ago I ran the Folsom Blues Half in Sacramento with my daughter and best friend. We all ran it together and it...

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My Inspiration to Run

August 26, 2015

Running has been part of my life for over 20 years. I am now 55 so I actually got started late in life when compared to many runners. I have always been an avid sports fan and felt I was a decent athlete growing up. I played many sports, but never pursued high school sports placing work and money ahead of athletics. Looking back, I would have done things different, but those are the lessons we learn through life and share with the younger generation. In college and afterwards I played on many intramural softball and basketball teams. I loved the competition and enjoyed the comradery. When my oldest daughter was born in 1994 I put the intramural sports on...

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Starting the new fitness program - play it smart.

August 22, 2015

You’ve just started a new fitness program and feeling strong and motivated right out of the gate ready to tackle your goals and become fitter than ever before. Considering that the majority of adults who start fitness programs never reach their goals, the chances of your new program staying intact are slim. Ensure your fitness program will be successful by avoiding a few common mistakes. Too much, too soon Jumping into a fitness program too quickly and trying to do too much too soon will inevitably lead to failure either from burnout or injury. Setting goals around exercise frequency, duration and intensity before getting started will greatly improve the chances of consistency and success. Your commitment to the program is...

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